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We value your privacy.

All the processes we deploy to obtain your personal details are legal, absolutely transparent, and subject to your approval. Moreover, your information is only requested when necessary for us to serve you better.

As long as your data remains with us, we want to assure you of our unwavering determination to use every technology at our disposal and every regulatory option we can muster to safeguard it. No third party, in whatever guise, will be allowed access to your information nor will it be shared in any public domain unless explicit permission from you is obtained.

We acknowledge that the decision to either accept or decline our request for your personal details is completely yours. Should you decide to release it, rest assured that we will only use it when absolutely necessary.

On occasion, you will find outbound links to third-party websites. Platinum Online Casino can not be held responsible for any private information you release to these third-party sites. Our privacy policy does not extend to any of the outbound links.

Granting us permission to leverage your personal information implies recognition of an agreement with our extensive and carefully designed policy on privacy. Though we have done our best to keep things simple, do not hesitate to contact us at if there are any areas of this policy that you may find too abstract, technical, or confusing.
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