The Best Casino Table Games: Understanding House Edge

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There are so many different types of casino table games, and they all focus on different skills and interests. The best casinos will offer a diverse variety of games, allowing players to try and win with the ones they enjoy. Each game has it's own pros and cons, but something that they all have in common is the house edge.

What is the House Edge?

Basically, it is a term that refers to the fact that games themselves have built-in mathematical advantages that are designed to benefit the game, and therefore the casino. All of them incorporate this because it is ultimately how the casino makes its money. It is usually pretty small, and of course, there are still plenty of chances for the player to win big! The chance is what keeps the game exciting.

Listed below are some of the best casino table games, and how exactly the house edge can affect your odds of winning


Blackjack is a great casino game if you know how to play well. Successful players use strategy which can help up their odds, netting them more money in the long run. Keeping track of what you have, what the casino is showing, as well as what the dealer likely still has left in the deck is a lot to handle.

Most people don't go beyond basic math in this game, which increases their chance of losing. However, those that have the patience and skill-- knowing when to hold or fold--have the key to taking home some winnings. When players are really good, they can reduce the house edge down to just 0.5%.


Roulette is a table game with a few variations. Many players get into it because it is just so easy--very little skill is involved! All that gamblers must do is bet on where the ball will land: on black or red, on a specific number, or on a low or high number.

The house edge for roulette is going to depend on whether or not the house is playing European or American style. With European roulette, the percentage is roughly 2.7%. However, if they are playing by other rules such as "la partage" on "en prison", it can get reduced down to 1.35%. American roulette uses different rules, and it has a double zero which ups the percentage to 5.26%.


house edge

Poker is a general term for a huge category of games, each with their own strategies and odds. The house edge for any form of poker is going to depend mostly on the player's skills and abilities. While there is a baseline, it lessens exponentially with the experience of the one holding the cards. A really good poker player, can all but eliminate it, but most aren't playing at this level.

However, the average card shark, the house has at least a little bit of an advantage. Percentages also differ for each type of poker. For example, Carribean stud poker is usually around 5.22%. For three-card poker, it might be as high as 7.28%. The house also charges a rake fee, for putting on the game, and gets a small portion of the pot.

Just remember, the best casino table game of all, is the one you like to play! Visit our homepage for casino recommendations with the best casino games.
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